Indoor Training

Indoor Training

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Activ training session

We have established a world class indoor training studio with state of the art CompuTrainers. We have combined state of the art technology with highly motivational 3D interactive graphics to create a realistic indoor training experience which is safe, goal specific and time efficient. Using the CompuTrainer you can expect to increase your cycling power by up to 30% and your speed by up to 5 kilometres per hour. Whatever your starting point, you'll move up in the rankings. Equally important, CompuTrainer helps to eliminate the boredom of indoor bike training.

Activ CompuTrainers also use a MultiRider System where up to 8 riders at a time can be connected to one computer. All riders can view each other's performance on the plasma screen facilitating healthy competition and team training.

The ideal way to experience the CompuTrainer system is to book in for one of the indoor training sessions from the timetable below.

Members/Non Member sessions

To participate regularly in indoor training sessions the most economical way is to become an Activ Cycle Coaching annual member. Join here! Non members are also welcome at the indoor sessions and can pay $25 for a single session or purchase a 10 session pack for $180 when you book your CompuTrainer session.

Other CompuTrainer Sessions

Outside the scheduled sessions the CompuTrainers can be booked for:

MultiRacer Challenge

MultiRacer Challenge

  • 1 on 1 coached sessions - with an experienced Activ coach.
  • Individual goal motivated sessions:
    • Course specific training – a library of popular triathlon and road courses are available for you to experience as a part of your training. You can even complete the Hawaii ironman course without leaving Milton!
    • Specialised training – so you can practice the aspects of your cycling that challenge you the most e.g., hill climbing, time trailing or sprinting.
    • Triathlon transition training – come and do a session (maybe a specific course) and then run off the bike.
  • Group training – for specific courses or just to build group morale and enjoyment. Perfect for club/team training/racing and social events.
  • Corporate RacerMate challenge – team building has never been so much fun! Corporate groups can book a session with an experienced Activ coach and discover how much fun cycling/racing together can be.

Contact us for further details on these sessions and a quote to suit your needs.

All sessions are taken by certified coaches.

CompuTrainer sessions are held throughout the day and at set times and when road rides are not possible due to the weather. Members may join any session as detailed in their program. As sessions book out quickly you must reserve your CompuTrainer online.

Indoor Trainer Sessions

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:15am - 6:30am Closed O O O  5.30am - 7.00am 5:30am - 7:00am 5:30am - 7:30am
6:45am - 8:00am Closed O   O  Coffee Time 7:15am - 8:45am Closed
9:30am - 10:45am Closed O   O   9:30am - 10:45am Closed 
12:15pm - 1:15pm Closed  O O O    J (M) (12:30pm-1:30pm) Closed
4:00pm - 5:00pm Closed  J (M)     J (M) Closed from 2:00pm Closed 
5:45pm - 7:00pm Closed  O O Closed Closed  Closed  Closed 

Outdoor Run Training Sessions

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:30am - 7:30am     R        
5:30pm - 6:30pm         R    


O Open Session     W Wet Weather Session
J Juniors      R Run Session
SD Self Directed     BC  Beginners Course (only)