Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training

Activ Cycle Coaching offers outdoor road rides from the centre for all levels of cyclist. You can discuss which group is right for your level of experience with our Head Coach

Membership includes unlimited indoor and outdoor sessions. If you are not a member you can join here. Non-members are always welcome and can pay per ride ($10) or purchase a 10 ride pack ($80) in-store.

Please allow time before the ride start to make your payment at the centre.

All rides are taken by qualified coaches. 

Coaches accompany the rides to

  • coordinate the group, efforts and route
  • provide a level of traffic management (critical for safety later in the day as traffic picks up)
  • monitor rider health and provide first-aid as required (all coaches have current first-aid certifications)
  • assist with technique, drills and provide advice on the finer points of group riding

Outdoor Training Start Times

  Level 1/2
(Advanced / intermediate Rider)
Level 2
(Skinny Latte / Intermediate Rider)
Level 3
(Skinny Latte / Social Rider)
Tuesday Indoor Session Indoor Session Indoor Session
Wednesday 5:15am 5:15am 5:15am
Thursday Indoor Session Indoor Session Indoor Session
Friday 5:30am 5:30am 5:20am
Saturday 5:30am 5:30am 5:30am
Sunday 5:30am / (6:00am in winter) 5:30am (6:00am in winter) 5:30am (6:00am in winter)

Weekday rides are approximately 90 minutes (leave at 5:15am; back by 7:00am at latest).

Weekend rides will be at least 3 hours in duration.

Check the front page of the site to see if Sunday rides are running on any given week.

Starting Locations

All rides start from and return to our Milton centre.